Topic outline

  • General

    (Attention : Cours en préparation)
  • Topic 1


    Please work out the sequence of slides corresponding to the resource you have to develop.
    For each slide you will have to make clear
    • its title
    • its objectives
    • its initial organization (things that are on the slide from the beginning)
    • the sequence of events (appearance of texts, images, buttons, highlight boxes...)
    • the text of the narration, if any
    • the slide interactivity (ie which action is required from the students), if any:
      • nothing
      • click an area
      • click a button
      • answer a question
      • interact with a widget
      • ...
    • and the result of this action:
      • jump to a page
      • make an object visible
      • ...
    The storyboarding is very important. Be as accurate as possible!
    The deliverable can be a Word file (saved as PDF) including captions, the scan of a sequences of drawings, a PPT...
    Don't start with Captivate as long I have not validated the storyboard.

    Please use the link below to upload your work.

    • Topic 2

      Prototype development

      Start a new Captivate project and create the sequence of slides. For each slide
      1. type narration in slide notes and text-to-speech it
      2. insert and position the objects that the slide will display
      3. synchronize sound and objects
      4. define actions on interactive objects
      At this stage
      • don't spend time to look for the right images: insert an empty rectangle with a legend describing the image which is missing;
      • don't spend time on the overal look of the page; dont' use templates.
      Use the link below to upload your Captivate files (add a date in the file name).
      • Topic 3

        Word Publication and review

        In this review phase, you are going to give other developers access to
        • a Word export of the project
        • the Flash publication of the project
        The review means that
        • the Word document has to be read by the other developers; they have to include suggestions, remarks; they have to track mistakes, errors;
        • the Flash publication has to be tested by the other developers as if they were a student following a CBT resource.
        For each project, one developer (chosen among the 4 reviewers) will summary all the remarks in a Word file (saved as PDF). This common review will have to be uploaded below. Don't forget in the review to mention the title of the project which is reviewed.

        Use the link below to upload you PDF file.

        • Topic 4

          Finalization of the prototype, polishing

          In this phase, you are going to
          • gather and integrate all missing media
          • take into account the review done by other developers
          • polish the projet
            • if necessairy, record a narration based on notes
            • define and integrate a template
            • edit and change the skins
          A new project is published and uploaded here (click link below).
          • Topic 5

            Publication for final review and full scale test

            In this phase you will perform a final review of the project and you will publish it.
            Your CBT course is now ready for a full test-scale in front of a group of test-students.
            • Topic 6

              Developer's additional resources

              This part will be enriched with additional material along the tutoring.