Cloud Servers and OpenVPN configuration

1. yPBL Cloud Platform

The JavaEE-PaaS cloud platform for your projects is available at the addresses indicated in class.

2. OpenVPN

In order to connect to the platform and to have access to all the platform components, you need to download an OpenVPN client (for instance Tunnelblick for MacOS) and the configuration folder including the openvpn keys and the configuration file (the .conf file needs to be configured in order to specify the right public @IP server address of your group). The following is a list of 8 different openvpn access that can be used simultaneously (each key cannot be used more that once time):

Folder including 8 OpenVNP configuration files (1 per member of the team)

3. Usage

Once you are connected via VPN, you can use all the nodes of the JavaEE-PaaS platform available in the private network 192.168.0.X. For instance you can access that is the private IP address of your hypervisor server. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 13 September 2016, 12:33 PM