TAU Tutorial

Using TAU to specify a coffee machine (based on IBM Rational TAU tutorial).


The tutorial includes analysis and design:

Tutorial Part I (analysis):

  • Starting: use case (identification of actors and use cases)
  • Describing use cases: general sequence diagram for making coffee
  • Identifying systems, subsystems and internal components: class diagram
  • Describing better interactions (use cases): detailed sequence diagrams
  • see the tutorial

Tutorial Part II (design)

  • And how do classes communicate (interfaces)?: component diagrams
  • And how are the classes composed/connected internally (parts)?: composite structure diagrams
  • And what do classes do (behavior for active classes)?: Statechart diagrams
  • Finally, generating code for simulation from the UML model : evaluating scenarios/detecting erros
  • See the tutorial 2 after passing an intermediate analysis test

TAU installation

Other UML tools

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